London field

Thank you to London’s fire fighters

This week London has watched in horror as the awful events of the Grenfell Tower fire have unfolded. The scenes shown on the news and the eye witness accounts paint a terrifying picture.

Amongst all the heartache, loss and grief we have seen London firefighters run directly toward danger to help others. London has watched with pride and amazement at their outstanding bravery and unwavering commitment to Londoners’ safety. These men and women have put their own safety in jeopardy to save the lives of others and London is truly grateful.

To support our firefighters Digital Rev has donated profits from Wednesday June 14th – the day of the Grenfell Tower fire – to The Fire Fighters Charity. This organisation offers physical and mental health support to current and former firefighters.

Digital Rev hopes that our donation allows the Fire Fighters Charity to help those who have helped London so much.

If you’re interested in supporting London’s fire fighters why not consider making a donation to The Fire Fighters Charity.