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Featured on The Digital Project Manager site: 5 Simple Steps for Handling Difficult Conversations Better

Check out the Digital Project Manager website where you can find loads of great DPM resources, with everything from agile working practices, to time keeping, training and more. You can also find my latest article discussing how to manage difficult conversations when running digital projects.

In my article, ‘5 Simple Steps for Handling Difficult Conversations Better’ I share tips such as what to know before you start, where to have an awkward conversation, who can help you, how to structure a difficult conversation and why they’re important to running successful digital projects.

Don’t forget you can also book Digital Rev to run training for your project managers and delivery leads to teach them how to better handle difficult conversations, with a focus on project finances and team performance. Take a look at the workshops page or get in touch for more info.

I’d also love to know what your best tips for handling difficult conversations are through the comments section.



We Need to Talk – DeliverConf workshop 2017

A huge thank you to DeliverConf 2017 for another fantastic 2 days of workshops and talks.

This year I ran a three hour workshop for 43 delivery professionals from the UK and Europe called “We Need to Talk“. Participants learnt how to handle difficult conversations when running digital projects.

In the three hour interactive session we looked at ways to handle difficult, awkward and down right uncomfortable conversations, with a focus on team performance and project finances.

By the end of the workshop participants had flexed and strengthened their communication skills as well as developing their project leadership capabilities allowing them to handle even the stickiest situations.