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Join me at the Digital PM Summit in Las Vegas

Join me this October at the Digital PM Summit in Las Vegas where I’ll be running an interactive session called ‘Money, money, money’.

The Digital PM Summit is two days of engaging presentations, breakout sessions, and lightning talks exploring how we manage digital projects, from a variety of perspectives. It brings together some of the best known speakers from all over the world to discuss, debate and reflect on digital project management.

Tickets are still available for this annual event and if you’re a project manager, producer, delivery lead or anyone else delivering digital projects, this is the place to be.

About Money, Money, Money

I’ll be running an interactive session on the first day of the summit about money.  Managing budgets is a standard part of any project manager’s remit, but how much do we really think about money and how comfortable are we talking about it?

In my 90 minute interactive workshop attendees will explore how and why to talk about money, they’ll understand what profit is, and they’ll discover how to make smart financial decisions when managing digital projects.

My workshop is suitable for all levels of project managers and combines bite-sized master classes with practical hands on exercises and collaboration.

Get your tickets on the Digital PM Summit website.