Workshops and training

Digital Rev believes that everyone working on digital projects should have outstanding soft skills. That’s why we have developed a range of hands-on, interactive courses specifically for digital folk working at agencies, in-house and client-side.

All of our training centres around five key pillars, communication, leadership, problem-solving and decision making, time management and team work. You can read more about why soft skills matter and how investment in them can impact your organisation’s bottom line in a big way.

We have new courses being added all the time, so check back regularly. If you have a course you’d like to see why not recommend it to us. If you don’t see a suitable date for the course you’d like to attend let us know.


Difficult conversations workshop »
We Need to Talk – How to successfully handle difficult conversations – 1 day workshop

Being client facing (coming soon)

Building strong client relationships (coming soon)

Effective Meetings and Facilitating Workshops (coming soon)

Communicating with different types of people (coming soon)


Problem solving workshop »
I Got 99 Problems – How to find solutions in any situation – 1 day workshop

Strategic planning workshop (coming soon)
The Rules of Engagement – How to think strategically during project inception – half day workshop


Introduction to Leadership (coming soon)

Line Management for Digital Folks (coming soon)

Bringing out the best in yourself (coming soon)

Time management

Effective prioritisation (coming soon)

Team work

Working in multi-disciplinary teams (coming soon)

Building high performing teams (coming soon)

What others are saying about Digital Rev

“In addition to all the standard abilities, [Peta] is incredibly skilled at building a collaborative team and ensuring that everyone’s work feeds into the the collective output. She approaches her work in a creative, strategic way. There is no cookie cutter, instead there is a thoughtful approach and agile reflection. I absolutely recommend her.” – Tory Dunn, Digital Head of Design (HMRC)

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Problem Solving Workshop

I Got 99 Problems: How to find solutions in any situation There’s one thing that we’re never short of as digital experts, and that’s problems. We spend loads of time troubleshooting our projects and it’s easy to get stuck in our ways with how we look at and try to resolve challenges. Sometimes we can […]

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Difficult conversations workshop

We Need to Talk: How to handle difficult conversations when working on digital projects Difficult conversations are a fact of working life. Whether we’re addressing the performance of a team member, negotiating scope and costs with a client or learning how to function as a well-oiled team. Knowing how to successfully handle a difficult conversation […]